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The Crisis Pregnancy Center is a Christian Prolife Center that assists women to make life-affirming decisions by helping them to make plans to keep and parent their babies, or to make an adoption plan by providing them with compassionate and loving emotional, physical and spiritual support.

We offer free pregnancy tests, material assistance and teaching materials. We have helped mothers to become better parents through use of our teaching materials and we have helped women make decisions to choose abstinence. Additionally we have assisted mothers to become self sufficient by providing them with additional support through our work as liaisons with the schools so that mothers may continue their education. We also provide help with finding housing, child care or getting a job.

Since opening in 1983, we have saved more than 1400 babies through a compassionate presentation about the truth of abortion and the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ. We have ministered to over 4000 women and have seen more than 600 women make decisions for Christ.  Additionally we have ministered to more than 800 women through our Post-Abortion Ministry. This ministry was the first of it’s kind in CT and the 10th of its kind in our nation.

Deborah J. Laws, Executive Director

The Crisis Pregnancy Center, Inc.
30 Mill Street
Unionville, CT 06085
(860) 673-7397

24/7 Hotline  (800) 395-Help

The CPC is a non-profit Christian organization and does not generate any income from its services.  It is only because of our regular local support that we can keep our doors open and the assistance provided available.

It would be wonderful if your family or church would consider committing to monthly donations. Donations may be sent to the above address. Thank you!